Monday, April 25, 2016

to those who have hurt me: Thank You

To those who have hurt me: Thank You. 

To the friends who have walked out of my life without a word, to the boys who have lost interest and broken my heart, to the family members who haven't spoken a word in months, to the strangers who have tried to put me down, Thank You.

In my late middle school years I lost my very best friend. She was just gone without a word. 
I felt like I was worthless. 
I didn't know what had happened, all I knew was that one moment we were best friends and the next moment she had moved on to someone else. 
As life went on it never got easier, in fact it got harder. 
The more people I became friends with the more I got hurt. 
It felt like everyone who called themselves my friend just up and left my life after a year, or a few months, whenever they found someone new to call their best friend. 
I was left wonder what I had done wrong. 
I felt betrayed. 

My worth was wrapped up in my social life. 
in my friends. 
in the way people thought of me. 
in how popular I was. 

but y'all,

Your worth is in Jesus!

It took me years of anger and hurt and bitterness to come to the realization that friends are always  going to leave you broken, and boys will wreck your life, and people will abandon you but that's not where your worth is found. 

That's not who you are! 

You're a child of the King, in Christ you are made worthy!

It wasn't until recently that I realized my worth is in Jesus Christ. 
Yes, people will still hurt you, and there are times when you will feel betrayed but there is freedom in knowing you are not defined by this world. 

To my haters out there, I hope you find where your true worth is.

Thank you for helping me find my worth in Jesus Christ. 

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