Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Why Are You Here?"

When people ask me why I’m spending my summer in a country 1,500 miles away from home, I honestly don’t have an answer. Maybe I’m just crazy or maybe it’s the part of me that loves to travel and see new things, regardless on July 5th I set out on a month long journey to Central America.
The first day of every trip with SOS, the team sits down and is asked one question.
 “Why are you here?”
People scramble to come up with answers, but the most common one is;
“The Lord called me to come here”
The Lord does call people to go places, I have no doubt about that, but the Lord calls every believer to spread his name throughout the world. So no matter where you go or what you do, as long as you are spreading Christ you are doing what the Lord calls you to do. 
When I am asked on July 5th, why I am in Central America, I can honestly say I have no idea, but the Lord has called each one of us to spread His love and wherever I go I will be doing that. Whether I’m in the mountains of Honduras or the beaches of Charleston, South Carolina, my calling has been set by my God. The great Commission is not something we should merely consider, but a command. Christ’s name will be spread among the nations when ordinary people who have been transformed by the power of Christ decide to take the Great Commission seriously.  We have become so complacent as a country to be happy with where we are, when in reality we should be uncomfortable when we sit at home and pass by unsaved people without sharing the Hope we have in our hearts, with them.
So let us be the ones to take the Commission of the Lord seriously and live lives that proclaim the  goodness of Christ wherever the Lord may take us, at home or abroad.

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